Saturday, May 31, 2014

My Review on The Wella Toner in T18 lightest Ash Blonde

This is my Review on the Wella Color Charm in T18. As  you should know, Going Blonde can be quite the process. To maintain a pretty white platinum Blonde can be hard to do! But with Wella color Charm in T18, you get the beautiful Platinum Locks your looking for.This is the Holy Grail for all blondes and is my go to for maintaining my color. This toner is a Violet Base color which cancels out any brassy, Gold, or yellow tones in the hair. The sun, water minerals, and as time passes, the white can get a brassy hue and using a toner helps to tone it down. It is a very easy, simple process and takes no time at all to do. All you do is mix in ratios 1:2 with either a 10 volume developer or a 20 volume developer depending on how much lift you want. Leave on for the recommended time and voila! no More brass, but more SASS! I find that is not irritating to the scalp at all and very easy to apply and wash out. your hair will turn purple in the process, but no need to worry this is just the purple canceling out the yellow tones in the hair. I have recommended this product to my friends who have had nothing but positive things to say and all have had good experiences using the Wella Color charm products. Its a good way to keep your platinum color in between salon visits or even if you just do your own hair at home! Below I have a before and after picture of what my hair looked like prior to using the toner and then after. the results are astonishing. :)

Company Info

Ever since young stylist Franz Ströher began inspiring the hair fashion world in 1880, we have been pursuing our quest to share the passion, fuel the imagination, ignite the spark of creation that makes visionary style and beauty dreams come true.

From industry milestones like the Wella Junior portable permer, the first cream colorant Koleston Perfect and revolutionary home-styling products like New Wave Wet Gel and High Hair to the superior salon products and expert collections in store today, one hairdresser's passionate dream now inspires over 4 million professionals and countless heads of beautiful hair across the globe.

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