Saturday, May 31, 2014

My Review on Patron Cafe tequila

My Review

Like coffee? Enjoy having an adult beverage every now and again? Then this review is for you. I Decided to try the Patron Cafe Tequila while having a girls night recently and I absolutely loved it. We mixed it with Bailey's Irish Creme and dropped a few ice cubes in and viola, a nice sweet alcoholic beverage you can enjoy! It is 80 proof and has a dark color. It has a very similar taste to that of coffee. So if  your a coffee lover, then I know you will enjoy what this drink has to offer.
You can also drink alone as well, however, it is strong and can burn a little going down. It is a good choice for those of you who prefer a sweeter less bitter tasting alcohol. and please remember to Drink Responsibly.

Company Information

 The entire process of making Patrón Tequila takes place at the spectacular Hacienda del Patrón, nestled in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. Part factory, part palace, the Hacienda—designed to capture the spirit and grace of Mexico’s traditional haciendas—includes living quarters, meeting rooms, traditional Mexican kitchens and beautiful grounds for all Patrón employees and special visitors to enjoy.
The Hacienda del Patrón reveals the heart and spirit of our company: the employees. Making the best tequila in the world requires not only time and skill but also heart. The Patrón Spirits Company is working with the local community to build a school for the children of the town.
As a pioneer for clean, no waste industries, Patrón has revolutionized a waste treatment process that does not contaminate ecosystems.
Over 60 hands will touch a single bottle before it is shipped. Each hand-numbered bottle is absolutely unique and perfect as it leaves the Hacienda. Patrón is the world’s number 1 exporter of 100% Agave tequila and the facility has grown to accommodate the world’s demand. But Patrón is still produced in small batches for high quality
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Where to Buy

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