Saturday, May 31, 2014

My Review on Loreal's False Fiber Lash Mascara

My Review

This is my Review on the L'Oreal False Fiber Lash Mascara. Let me start off by saying I love makeup. I love Mascara. I usually find one I like and I tend to stick with it. I had been using N.Y.C's Showtime Mascara for the longest along with applying my falsies to add more volume. It was at times tedious process waiting for glue to dry, applying it, and positioning it just right and so on so forth. I saw something about fiber lash mascara on the internet and began doing some research. Fiber lash mascara actually lengthens your lashes by adding little fibers that dry and give an illusion of longer fuller lashes! its no joke. I decided I had enough of falsies and decided to search and do research on a good fiber mascara that was affordable but at the same time worth buying. I came across the L'Oreal false Fiber Lash Mascara and was easily persuaded. I headed to my local Walmart and picked some up for under $8! That is a fraction of the cost of the expensive Fiber lash brands that can cost up to $30! I really like the brush shape as it is contoured and angled for easy application. it also has a nice visual. it is packaged in black with a Gold Top. I also like the consistency of the product. It wasn't to sticky and didn't clump my lashes like I feared it would. I have naturally thin lashes and it worked great at giving my lashes more volume. Below I have Pictures of the results. Check it out :)

Company Info

The L'Oréal Paris Brand Division of L’Oréal USA, Inc. is a total beauty care company that combines the latest in technology with the highest in quality for the ultimate in luxury beauty at mass.
L'Oréal Paris is a truly global beauty brand with many internationally renowned products. For most, the name “L'Oréal” is immediately evocative of the brand’s signature phrase, "Because I'm Worth It.”— the concept behind the legendary advertising campaign for the Superior Preference® hair color launch in 1973. Today, it represents the essence of the L'Oréal Paris brand as a whole, a spirit which is about helping every woman embrace her unique beauty while reinforcing her innate sense of self-worth.
As the biggest beauty brand in the world, L'Oréal Paris has an unparalleled commitment to technology, research and innovation, providing groundbreaking, high-quality products for women, men, and children of all ages and ethnicities. L'Oréal Paris is notably dedicated to celebrating the diversity of beauty – the company’s broad range of spokespeople include Andie MacDowell, Diane Keaton, Jennifer Lopez, Julianna Margulies, Eva Longoria, Laetitia Casta, Freida Pinto, Doutzen Kroes, Aimee Mullins, Lea Michele, Julianne Moore, and Claudia Schiffer.
The L’Oréal Paris brand encompasses the four major beauty categories – hair color, cosmetics, hair care, and skin care – and includes such well-known brands as Superior Preference®, Excellence and Couleur Experte® hair colors; EverPure, EverStrong, EverSleek, EverCreme and EverStyle; skin care brands including Revitalift®, Youth Code, Age Perfect®, Men’s Expert, Sublime Sun and L'Oréal Paris Cosmetics, including Colour Riche®, True Match™ and Studio Secrets™ Professional collections, Voluminous®, Double Extend®, Telescopic® mascaras, among many others.

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My Review on The Wella Toner in T18 lightest Ash Blonde

This is my Review on the Wella Color Charm in T18. As  you should know, Going Blonde can be quite the process. To maintain a pretty white platinum Blonde can be hard to do! But with Wella color Charm in T18, you get the beautiful Platinum Locks your looking for.This is the Holy Grail for all blondes and is my go to for maintaining my color. This toner is a Violet Base color which cancels out any brassy, Gold, or yellow tones in the hair. The sun, water minerals, and as time passes, the white can get a brassy hue and using a toner helps to tone it down. It is a very easy, simple process and takes no time at all to do. All you do is mix in ratios 1:2 with either a 10 volume developer or a 20 volume developer depending on how much lift you want. Leave on for the recommended time and voila! no More brass, but more SASS! I find that is not irritating to the scalp at all and very easy to apply and wash out. your hair will turn purple in the process, but no need to worry this is just the purple canceling out the yellow tones in the hair. I have recommended this product to my friends who have had nothing but positive things to say and all have had good experiences using the Wella Color charm products. Its a good way to keep your platinum color in between salon visits or even if you just do your own hair at home! Below I have a before and after picture of what my hair looked like prior to using the toner and then after. the results are astonishing. :)

Company Info

Ever since young stylist Franz Ströher began inspiring the hair fashion world in 1880, we have been pursuing our quest to share the passion, fuel the imagination, ignite the spark of creation that makes visionary style and beauty dreams come true.

From industry milestones like the Wella Junior portable permer, the first cream colorant Koleston Perfect and revolutionary home-styling products like New Wave Wet Gel and High Hair to the superior salon products and expert collections in store today, one hairdresser's passionate dream now inspires over 4 million professionals and countless heads of beautiful hair across the globe.

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**You can also find it at your local Beauty Supply Store**

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My Review on Patron Cafe tequila

My Review

Like coffee? Enjoy having an adult beverage every now and again? Then this review is for you. I Decided to try the Patron Cafe Tequila while having a girls night recently and I absolutely loved it. We mixed it with Bailey's Irish Creme and dropped a few ice cubes in and viola, a nice sweet alcoholic beverage you can enjoy! It is 80 proof and has a dark color. It has a very similar taste to that of coffee. So if  your a coffee lover, then I know you will enjoy what this drink has to offer.
You can also drink alone as well, however, it is strong and can burn a little going down. It is a good choice for those of you who prefer a sweeter less bitter tasting alcohol. and please remember to Drink Responsibly.

Company Information

 The entire process of making Patrón Tequila takes place at the spectacular Hacienda del Patrón, nestled in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. Part factory, part palace, the Hacienda—designed to capture the spirit and grace of Mexico’s traditional haciendas—includes living quarters, meeting rooms, traditional Mexican kitchens and beautiful grounds for all Patrón employees and special visitors to enjoy.
The Hacienda del Patrón reveals the heart and spirit of our company: the employees. Making the best tequila in the world requires not only time and skill but also heart. The Patrón Spirits Company is working with the local community to build a school for the children of the town.
As a pioneer for clean, no waste industries, Patrón has revolutionized a waste treatment process that does not contaminate ecosystems.
Over 60 hands will touch a single bottle before it is shipped. Each hand-numbered bottle is absolutely unique and perfect as it leaves the Hacienda. Patrón is the world’s number 1 exporter of 100% Agave tequila and the facility has grown to accommodate the world’s demand. But Patrón is still produced in small batches for high quality
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My review on Folgers Gourmet Selections Caramel Drizzle.

My Review 

I must start this review by saying that I am a coffee fanatic and I love and enjoy my daily dose of expresso in the morning! Having Tried different brands and flavors of coffee, I decided to try something new. I stumbled across the Folgers Keurig coffee flavor in Caramel Drizzle and had to give it a try. 
First of all, when I started my coffee brew, The smell of caramel aroma instantly filled my house. I love the smell couldn't wait to take my first taste.
When it was done brewing I fixed my cup and added my sugar and creamer. The flavor has a very good caramel flavor, and taste very good. It wasn't too sweet and had a very distinctive flavor from any other caramel coffees I have ever tried. I would definitely recommend this to those of you out there who enjoy drinking coffee and like to have a little flavor to your cup in the morning! 

About Company

The history of Folgers® is as rich as its coffee. Read about our heritage and discover how Folgers got to be the number-one coffee in America. You’ll learn how Folgers came to be, uncover the Folgers Jingle, and see some classic Folgersads

Folgers® Coffee, founded in 1850 in San Francisco, has been an iconic American brand that has made great-tasting coffee for more than 150 years. Recently, The Folgers Coffee Company merged with The J.M. Smucker Company. If you’d like more information about The J.M. Smucker Company and our family of brands, please visit us here.

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